HDMI 3X3 Video Wall Controller (4K30Hz)


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Product Overview


The 4K 3×3 video wall controller you described is a versatile and powerful tool for creating large dynamic image screens across multiple displays. It supports one HDMI input and nine HDMI outputs, allowing it to take a single high-definition image signal and divide it into nine blocks, each assigned to a separate display unit. This enables seamless integration of multiple screens into a cohesive video wall.

The controller’s ability to display a single complete picture with various HD multiple splicing modes without the need for control software makes it user-friendly and easy to operate. Its plug-and-play functionality simplifies setup and operation, making it suitable for a variety of applications, including advertising screens, restaurants, and educational environments. Overall, this type of video wall controller offers a convenient solution for creating impactful visual displays without the need for complex setup or software configuration.


  • High Resolution Support: Capable of handling 4K resolution signals, ensuring crisp and clear images across all displays.
  • One-Way HDMI Input: Supports one HDMI input source, allowing for easy connection to various media devices such as computers, Blu-ray players, or streaming devices.
  • Nine-Way HDMI Outputs: Provides nine HDMI outputs, enabling simultaneous display on nine separate screens arranged in a 3×3 configuration.
  • Dynamic Splicing Modes: Offers multiple splicing modes for arranging the video output across the nine screens, allowing for creative and customisable display layouts.
  • Plug-and-Play Operation: No need for complex setup or control software; the controller is ready to use out of the box, making it user-friendly and easy to operate.
  • Seamless Integration: Ensures seamless integration of multiple displays into a cohesive video wall, creating a unified viewing experience for the audience.
  • Versatile Applications: Suitable for various applications such as advertising screens, restaurants, classrooms, control rooms, and entertainment venues.
  • Remote Control Options: Some models may come with remote control capabilities, allowing for convenient adjustment of settings and splicing modes.
  • Support for Different Display Units: Compatible with various types of display units, including LCD TVs, rear projection units, LED panels, and more, providing flexibility in setup options.


  1. Digital Signage: Displaying ads and information in public spaces.
  2. Control Rooms: Monitoring multiple data sources in real-time.
  3. Corporate Lobbies: Showcasing branding and company information.
  4. Entertainment Venues: Enhancing the experience in stadiums, theaters, etc.
  5. Education: Facilitating interactive learning experiences.
  6. Broadcasting: Presenting graphics and live feeds in studios.
  7. Hospitality: Providing information and creating ambiance in hotels.
  8. Retail: Showcasing products and promotions in stores.
  9. Museums: Displaying exhibits and historical content.
  10. Healthcare: Used for medical imaging and collaborative diagnostics.
  11. Transportation Hubs: Providing travel information in airports and stations.
  12. Events: Displaying schedules and engaging content at conferences.


Product NameHDMI 3X3 Video Wall Controller (4K30Hz)
HDMI Output9x HDMI
HDCP VersionHDCP 1.4
HDMI input resolutionthe highest supported is 3840x2160/30Hz
HDMI output resolutionthe highest supported is 1920x1080/60Hz
Input HDMI cable distance≤8m AWG26 HDMI standard cable
Output HDMI cable distance≤10m AWG26 HDMI standard cable
Audio formatStereo
Modes supported1x1/1x2/1x3/1x4/2x1/2x2/2x3/2x4/3x1/3x2/3x3/4x1/4x2
RS232RS232 port,video wall controller serial port connection.
InputAC (50Hz, 60Hz) 100V-240V
OutputDC 5V/3A
max working current1.6A
Working Temperature-15 to +45°C
Dimensions 305(L)*185(W)*35(H)mm
Weight1747 gms
Colour Silver
MaterialAluminium Alloy
Warranty*1 year


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