“EiRA TEK” – derived from two words “EiRA”, a welsh word meaning snow/cool and “TEK”, an abbreviation used for technology. The company’s flagship brand “EiRA” was established in the year 2015. Situated at New Delhi, we are pioneers in high quality Computer Accessories, IT Solutions, HDMI Video Solutions, CCTV Accessories and Lifestyle products. Under the guidance of our insightful, perceptive, talented and farsighted leader, Mr. Vishal Jindal, we aspire to become one of the leading brands and trendsetters in the industry.

What We Do:

• At EiRA our mission is to give you “state of the art cutting edge technology” Products and Solutions.

• We have about 22+ years of experience in this business (Previously as SVB International). We operate from New Delhi, and cover most parts of our Country through a vast network of dealers & distributors in these regions, assisted by a team of highly motivated employees.


EiRA focuses on staying ‘A Step Ahead’ in the market. Equipped with the latest technology and an Attitude of Perfection, We work on a model to make EiRA a globally respectable name. We aim to enrich ones daily life by offering effective and reliable means of technology at an affordable price.We aspire to lead the market by setting trends and benchmarks in product, process and service for all.

Mission statement

We Are:

  • Customer Centric– working together as comrades to provide our customers with superior quality products and extra ordinary services at the best price.
  • Providing each team member/employee with augmented career opportunities and financial achievement, Paramount Dignity and Respect for all.


We Believe on our strong values: Trust – Respect – Always delighting the customer.

Business goals & objectives

  • Symbiotic and everlasting relationship with our Customers
  • Strong feedback system
  • Increasing Brand Awareness
  • Plan and Analyze Regularly
  • Developing New Skills
  • Commitment to our Business
  • Offering the best customer experience
  • Outstanding Customer Service