Our Clients

A Senior Lawyer of Supreme Court of India

On a daily basis, various industry leading IT Hardware/Solutions Experts, AV Experts,Consultants etc. approach us from all over the country, for finding solutions to their customers’ demands. We would like to share this one with you.

A customer approached us in Nov-2019, a top advocate in Supreme Court. He was having this problem, his HP Spectre Laptop had crashed, no display/no response, nothing was working, it was like a brick, and he urgently wanted his data out of it. He wanted some clients’ case files for which he had hearing the next day in Supreme Court.

Even after trying all options he couldn’t get the data, he tried with HP company (Gurgaon/Delhi), he tried with top Data Recovery Experts in the country, but still he could not get solution. That is when he came to us with reference from a shop/dealer in Nehru Place. After understanding his problem, we suggested him the solution within 2 minutes. He just couldn’t believe it. We could see his eyes, he was mightily surprise, kind of shocked, how could anyone give solution in less than 100 seconds when everyone else including the top managers of company and data recovery experts had refused.

Then, he sat in our office for more than 3 hours, constantly on his phone, along with his PA, speaking to many people, HP company & Data Recovery experts, sometimes in loud voice, sometimes in anguish. When nobody could help him, he then agreed to what we had suggested. It worked. It had to.

P.S. We had suggested solution as our product, ER1032, PCIe x4 M.2 M KEY to PCIe 3.0 Card (NVMe). Which the customer installed inside his desktop PC, took out his NVMe SSD hard disk from his HP Spectre Laptop, attached that hard disk to his PC using this add-on card that we provided and could access all his data.

We won’t be surprised if our happy customers called us magicians!

Pentagon Rubbers Pvt. Ltd. (Baddi, Himachal Pradesh)

Pentagon Rubber Private Limited is a group company of M/s K.K. Rubber Co. (India) Pvt. Ltd. which was established in 1969 in New Delhi and managed by visionary family members from older generations. With 40 years of experience in manufacturing & exporting of rubber belting, in 2004 they laid the foundation stone of Pentagon Rubber – which is today counted among the leading manufacturers of Conveyor Rubber Belting in India. They manufacture and supply industrial grade Conveyor Belts, Rubber Sheets, Transmission Rubber Belting & Elevator Belts.

They were renovating their office space within the factory and wanted to upgrade their computer systems with the new rugged ones keeping in mind that:

  1. They wanted different computers for different departments and rooms, like Conference Room, Meeting Room, Accounts Room, Director’s Room, Main Office/Working Area, etc. They wanted their data to be safe. Data safety was top priority.
  2.  The systems should match the new and clean look of the office and add value to it.
  3.  Besides, they also wanted to make it look small and simple, unlike the traditional ones so as to save space.
  4. The systems should run continuously.
  5. They wanted the computers to be fast and robust without any moving components to reduce risk of failures.
  6. They wanted to give new computers to some of key staff members and for others they wanted to give computers but with limited information access.
  7.  Wire free
  8. He wanted to hire new staff in near future, for scaling up operations and wanted a system wherein they do not have to spend substantial money again and again.

We had advised a solution based on simple architecture comprising of High speed configuration of Computer systems (Thin Clients, Mini PCs), use of M.2/mSATA SSD hard disk drives (128/256GB), Higher RAM capacity, Gigabit ethernet wires, Large size Monitors etc., which would give them:

  • Delightful experience with use of high-speed computing.
  •  Larger vibrant displays.
  • Robust data safety and security features.
  • More room/working space for users, due to small size of the computing equipment.
  • With Wi-Fi and Bluetooth Connectivity.
  • All the MINI PCs and Thin Clients have the option of mounting behind the monitor screens to further save the working space and give neat look.
  • Price: We were much better than what they expected. At less than half the cost, yes you read it right!
  • Scalable for future additional users’ addition.
  • We matched their Quality expectations.
  • We delivered the whole solution much before their timeline.
  • We maintain a highly professional and mutually respectful relationship with the client.


AHA Moment

They had got a quote of Rs. X Lakhs, we got it done in about less than Rs. X/2 Lakhs.

Here’s the immediate reaction from the Director:

Yes, the accounts room looks nice and roomy now. All clean for now, wait till papers and work takes over.