We believe in giving our customers state of the art cutting edge technology products. We have a spearheaded feedback system to keep in touch with our customers and their needs.


4 product verticals:

  • IT Products– Thin Clients, Mouse, Keyboards, CPU Fans, External Casings, PCI-E Cards, USB products, Networking products, Laptop Accessories and much more.
  • Digital Lifestyle products– HDMI Cables, USB products, Laptop Cooling Pads etc.
  • Smart Home Automation Products- Standalone IP cameras
  • CCTV-Surveillance Products– These includes Standalone DVR boxes, CCTV/Surveillance cameras, and CCTV accessories. They can be used for remote monitoring, surveillance purposes within malls, multiplexes, hotels, hospitals, markets, offices, schools, parks etc.

We believe in good business competitiveness and therefore we go the extra mile for our customers.