Benefits of Using an Adjustable Height Standing Desk

Stand Up for Your Health

Taking the steps to evolve your workstation into one that allows you to both sit and stand can affect your health in monumental ways. When you’re ready to build the workspace that uplifts you, this page will help you find the best ergonomic tools to achieve an ideal sit-stand balance at work.More Sitting = More Health Problems

Epidemiologic studies have reported that sitting time is not only associated with all-cause mortality*, but also with metabolic syndrome and non-communicable diseases such as Type 2 diabetes, fatal and non-fatal cardiovascular diseases, and even some cancers.

“Thirty-five chronic diseases and conditions are associated with sedentariness.”

In a separate study tracking the correlation between sedentary behaviour and mortality, researchers found that people who sit for bouts of 60+ minutes were associated with a greater risk for all-cause mortality.

And It Gets Worse…

Physical inactivity is associated with major non-communicable diseases and all-cause mortality. It’s estimated that 31% of the global population does not meet current physical activity recommendations. The burden of disease attributable to inactivity was recently estimated to be responsible for 6% – 9% of the total deaths worldwide.

“Among all the countries, sitting time >3 hours/day was responsible for approximately 433,000 deaths.

Bodies Were Built to Move

Standing more doesn’t just stop the development of deadly diseases; non-exercise activity thermogenesis (NEAT), or the calories that are expended by staying active throughout the day, has been found to improve the way the body handles insulin. Want an easy way to incorporate more activity into your day? Try adding a height-adjustable standing desk and a motion board to your workspace.

Ergonomics & Energy Levels

Within minutes of standing and walking, a person’s energy expenditure doubles. A person moving at 1-2 mph expends an additional 100-250 calories per hour (depends on the size of the person, etc.) above basal energy expenditure.”

Standing more is a scientifically proven way to help you stay healthier. By simply standing 15 minutes every hour, you’ll start to feel the benefits of a sit-stand lifestyle without having to ramp up your exercise regimen or commit extra time to work out. More energy increased productivity, and less risk of developing a host of health problems are just a few of the things you must look forward to when you take a stand against sitting. Don’t you think it’s time you took the first step?

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