Best computer speakers in India

best computer speakers in india

Easy accessibility and availability have widened the horizon of the usage of computers. Besides being used as an electronic gadget which is very useful in doing official work, the computer has become an important source of entertainment. Music, games and even movies, everything is available on the internet. This means anyone who has access to the internet can watch any movie, listen to songs and can even play various online games on the computer. The user can take the experience of watching a movie to a whole new level with the help of a good quality computer speaker. Good high-end speakers help in enhancing sound quality. Hence for any music lover or a gamer, buying a pc speaker who falls under the category of the best computer speakers in India is very important.

People do get confused about whether to buy headphones or look for the best speakers online. Well, the headphone is a good choice for individual users. But if the user wants to share the experience like watching a movie with family or friends or play games with friends or wants to play music for a party then, it is better to look for the best computer speakers in India. Most of the best pc speakers are versatile in nature. This means that they are capable of giving the required surround sound and bass needed for playing a game and also capable of managing good quality sound for TV shows, music, and movies.

Demand for computer speakers is increasing day by day. Every user has his own needs as far as the sound quality is concerned. Some look for surround sound whereas others give preference to bass and there are some wop wants to purchase the best budget computer speakers. Buying a good quality speaker is not that easy. An endless variety of pc speakers is available in the market. To look for the best computer speakers in India, the buyer needs to do thorough research.

The question arises what features make a speaker one of the best computer speakers in India. Some of the key characteristics that a buyer should consider while purchasing a computer speaker are mentioned below:

Type of speaker system

The two major types of speaker systems are: 2.0 and 2.1.  2.1 speaker system consists of a subwoofer and 2 channels whereas there is no subwoofer in 2.0 speaker systems. Besides offering powerful bass, 2.0 pc speakers also have the capacity to reproduce bass extensions.

Sound quality

Sound quality of the speaker is its most important feature. A good quality speaker is a one which has the capacity to maintain a good balance between bass, mid-range and upper frequencies. It is always recommended to check the sound quality of the speaker before purchasing it. However, this kind of check cannot be done in case of the online purchase. In such cases, it is recommended to check the customer’s reviews. Most of the best computer speakers in India get positive reviews and feedback from the customers.

A number of possible inputs

Depending on the usage, the buyer should check the number of input points available in the system. Most of the best computer speakers in India, understand the user’s requirements and for this, they offer a minimum of two audio input-jacks in their speakers. This gives the user freedom to connect their mobiles, iPods, iPhones or other audio sources to their computer speaker.


Most of the simple and basic computer speaker models are controlled by the computer only, they do not have any personal control buttons. However, advanced computer speaker systems come with various control options. These include volume, bass adjustment, etc.


One of the major features that have a direct effect on the purchasing of any product or services is its price. For buyers, best speakers online are the one which offers maximum features within their budget.

Other considerations include size, warranty, technical support, brand name, etc.

For any tech-savvy owning a good quality computer system is a must. The good quality speaker is a must to enjoy good songs. Buying a computer speaker which fall under the category of the best computer speakers in India is always preferable. However, one should not ignore the decided budget.

Below is the list of some of the best computer speakers in India. The list is made on the basis of:

  • Performance
  • Price
  • Quality


Logitech G560

high end speakers

For buyers, who are looking for a good quality gaming speaker then, Logitech G-650 is the best option. It is a 2.1 speaker system. They are considered one of the best computer speakers in India available in the gaming category.

Its immersive Lightsync RGB lightning feature gives the gamer an incredible experience. Its lightning features apply to many famous games. This feature adds more life to the game’s effects like entry into a new level, approaching enemies, healing completed, war explosions, etc.

The lightning feature is music driven. Where low-volume has a soothing effect, the high-volume lighting goes with the beat. Front lights take over the mid and upper frequency and the rear light takes over the bass effect.

Specification: Weight Size driver
Satellites 1.79 kg 5.8*6.5*4.6 2
subwoofer 5.5kg 15.9*10*8.1 6.5


Audio supports: Bluetooth, USB, 3.5mm.  This gives the user multiple options for adding various audio input devices. Logitech speakers also give the user an Easy to Switch option. This means the user can switch between various connected devices (maximum 4).

DTS: X Ultra Surround Sound which gives 3D soundscape which means the user hear the sounds from various angles. As a result, the gamer has a feeling that he’s playing in a realistic environment.

Personal Controls: the speakers come with a personal control panel. Volume can be easily controlled as the control panel is there in front of the speaker. Bluetooth connection is just a touch away.

Klipsch R-15PM

best speakers online

For anyone who is looking for a high-end and an advanced computer speaker system, Klipsh R-15PM is a very good option.


Weight 4.67 kg
Size 12.5*7*8.11
Drivers 1 in satellites and 5.25 in subwoofer


Input audio options: 3.5mm AUX, Bluetooth, USB, analog RCA and digital optical.  With 5 input options, the Klipsch R-15PM turns out to be one of the most versatile computer speaker systems. These speakers can easily be accessed with the help of a remote control. The user can easily switch among various audio input options.

The speakers have an inbuilt amplifier in them. As a result, there is no need for an external DAC.   These speakers are designed to give an incredible listening experience. They can cover a wide range of frequencies. Though the speakers are slightly towards the expensive side, the features and the sound quality offered by them makes them worth it.

Harmon Kardon Sound Sticks Wireless

best pc speakers

These speakers are known for their modern and trendy designing. The sound quality of this speaker is quite high. For anyone who wants to add a style statement to their Computer assembly, Harmon KardonSoundSticks Wireless is the best buy.

Specification: Weight Size driver
Satellites 0.7 kg 2*10 1
subwoofer 2.2kg 9.19*10.19 6


Input audio options: 3.5mm and Bluetooth.

The price of the wireless model is a little bit on the higher side in comparison to other speakers of the same category. The performance, high-end sound quality and the beautiful design make them worth the price.

Once the Bluetooth pairing is done, the speakers automatically enter the pairing mode whenever they are turned on. This makes the system quite easy to connect.

These speakers are considered to be the best buy for anyone looking for good sound quality in the mid-range of pc speakers.

Razer Leviathan Sound Bar


best computer speakers

Next speaker in the list of the best computer speakers in India is Razer Leviathan Sound Bar.

Weight 2.35  kg (sub)
Size 19.7*3*2.8
Drivers .74 in satellites and 5.25 in subwoofer


Input audio options: Bluetooth, 3.5mm, NFC, and Optical

For users who want to buy a good quality speaker but don’t want to lose anything as far as space is concerned then the Soundbar is the best option. They are designed in a way that they can easily be placed underneath the computer screen. Moreover, with the wireless option, the user need not have to worry about any wiring. Though the design is quite compact, the system does not disappoint as far as the sound quality is concerned.

They turn out to be an ideal purchase for a buyer who wants to buy a good quality single speaker.

Klipsch Promedia 2.1


best budget computer speakers

It’s a 2.1 speaker system. It is considered as one of the best options in the mid-range desktop speakers.

Specification: Weight Size driver
Satellites 0.95 kg 8.5*4.2*5.67 .75
subwoofer 5 kg 9.5*9.8*10.2 6.5


Input audio option: 3.5mm

The system was introduced in the year 2000. The powerful sound quality and the exceptional performance made the Klipsch Promedia 2.1  an essential buy for any tech-savvy. Since its time of introduction, the company has not made any major change in this model.

The system comes with an inbuilt amplifier. The system is equipped to give clear sound even at very high volume. The subwoofer is very powerful, and the effects can easily be felt once the speakers are switched on.  The speakers are liked by both musics as well as game lovers. It gives an amazing sound-effect that too at an affordable price.

The above-mentioned list consists of some of the best computer speakers in India especially, for gaming purpose.  Buying a computer speaker is not that simple. Especially when there is a wide variety of speaker systems available in the market, it is always better to take some time and do thorough research before taking any decision.


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