Best Monitor for Pc

Best monitor for pc

While the best monitor for pc might not enhance the performance of your computer, but it can always make your computer usage experience much better. A 32inch LED monitor will also give a sleek look to your personal computer and provide some relaxation to your eyes.

Price is an important thing to consider whenever we plan to purchase an appliance. Not all of us are willing or can afford to invest a huge amount of money for the purchase of electronic goods. So, we have tried to prepare an exhaustive list for you, and it includes the best gaming monitor in India, best budget monitors, and best professional monitors.

Best Monitor For PC

1. BenQ PD3200U

best led monitor for pc

This is a perfect screen with a substantial size of 32 inches for both professional use and playing high-quality games. It is a 4k resolution screen and in great demand in the market. The beauty of one the best monitor for pc do not end here, the response time of 4ms is a matter of attraction for designers as well. Moreover, the sleek groove around the monitor gives it a smart look and, so it also seems to fit in anywhere and doesn’t make your desk look congested at all. Though on the higher end, when compared with a large number of features, the pricing of £800 sounds reasonable.

Besides the pricing, the other challenge of the BenQ PD3200U is that some people might find it a bit boring look wise as it doesn’t come in different colors. But, if work matters to you, then go for it.

2. HP 22es Computer Monitor

best gaming monitor in india

This Full HD monitor from HP comes in two colors: black and grey and is undoubtedly one of the best LED monitor for pc. With a screen size of 21.5 inches, this anti-glare screen is very appropriate for workaholics and for people who are hooked on to movie watching. This monitor doesn’t have any bezels surrounding the border, and thus some people find it to be more convenient as this gives a wider look to the screen and a better view.

This gives a feel of the frameless design. For movies and games, the intense 1920 x 10802 resolution and an edge-to-edge display give a larger than life feeling. While working, you can take the benefit of the My Display software of HP and access several applications at one time.

The only challenge with this reasonably priced pc is the stand, which is not very stable.

3. Agon AG352UCG6

best budget monitors

This black color monitor is majorly built for the games geeks. It is packed with features like multiple game modes and varied light effects. It also has a curved screen and a mild blue light which can make your nighttime gaming experience more fun without causing any strain to the eyes in the dark. With its widescreen, beautiful color feature, and superb divergence ratio, it is a paradise for watching your best movies and playing games.

The refresh rate is pretty fast, i.e., a 120Hz revive rate makes your working experience extremely smooth. All your activities seem to be done with a blink of an eye. Being comprised of two parts, the stand support is pretty strong which is very much required for a screen size of 35 inches. For the fashion lovers, it’s a pride to own with the bright look.

The challenge with this is the discrepancy between the silver frame and black frame. Though priced at the same rate, the performance of the silver one is not as good as the black one.

4. Acer XR382CQK

4k resolution

This curved screen is as large as 38 inches and is compatible with AMD FreeSync, offers a perfect entertainment experience. It has a high-quality in-built speaker system and with resolution quality as good as a 4k hdr. This recreates the real-life images for you due to the profound level of black and white contrast. The viewing angle can go up to 178 degrees vertically and 172 degrees horizontally and has a rotating stand, makes your computer usage more relaxing. With a response time of 1ms and five ports, you can also find it to be more convenient than any other monitors, and thus it is a best monitor for pc mostly for entertainment.

The accurate color contrast and astronomical performance make it a must watch for those for whom quality comes before price.

The challenge lies with the price. It is a high-end product and not preferred to be bought by all.

5. Acer Predator X34

4k hdr

If you are bored with the typical 16:9 aspect ratio, and in search of something more magnificent, then your search has come to an end. Acer has launched this 21:9 aspect ratio screen which is bound to make your work and entertainment both better. Moreover, it’s designed is something to look forward to, starting from the aluminum rim around the surrounding to the stand that looks like a crow’s foot.

Designers and gamers need not rack their head about the graphics card as it comes with the inbuilt feature of Nvidia’s G-Sync technology. No question about the color contrast as it couldn’t get better than this with a contrast ratio of 100 million:1 and brightness of 300cd/m2. The curved ends with bezels and a neat front give it an interesting look, but it tends to take up too much of space on your desk making your workspace clumsy. Another good thing that makes it the best monitor for pc is physical buttons. Besides the screen touch buttons, it has hidden physical buttons that make it less prone to damage and easy to use.

The primary challenge with this entertainment monitor is with the not so good in-built speaker.  

You can make your pick and opt to buy a monitor that best suits your requirement and which can be the best monitor for pc that you have. Some of these are available online at great deals and prices under INR 15k. The most important thing to keep in mind while making your purchase is your requirement. The market is overloaded with awesome monitors, so you need to focus on your requirement and search accordingly. The next important aspect to consider is the price, and this most of you are aware of. Compare the best options and make your buy.

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