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Best Projector for Home 2019

There are seldom people in the world who doesn’t enjoy the big screen time with friends and family. Cinema data is, in fact, one of the most impressive ways to court someone. Cinemas are fun to enjoy with family and friends. There is, however a glitch in your perfect cinematic plans, and that is the hefty price you’ll have to pay for the ticket if you go again and again. Also, you had to bear the price for popcorns and other accessories. You’ll also have next to no privacy being the part of the big audience.

However, what if there is a way for you to avoid the large cinema crowds and still experience the full effect of the big screen? All you need to do is to buy one best projector for home and prepare yourself for the experience you’ve been wanting.



When we are talking about the best projector for home, this one comes to our mind instantly. It’s not difficult to see what makes this a highly desirable choice for your home. It’s stylish design, and beautiful look makes for a great home combination. You also get to experience full theatre like feeling while sitting in your bedroom. It is one of the most affordable projectors with this quality. Some of its unique features for you to explore are:

  • It has a 4K resolution which gives you clear picture quality and in-depth projection on the screen.
  • Its very value added when compared to its price. With spending only $1,400 as a one-time expense, you can experience a cinema-like projection for your home.
  • Its unique and astonishing HRD color makes it a very desirable choice as a full Hd projector for home.
  • This projector is built to last long with a lamp life of around 6,500 hours.

You can keep on using it for an extended amount of times, have your usual Saturday movie marathons, just with a little touch of royalty this time.

Sony VPL-VW300ES

Sony VPL-VW300ES

Sony has made its name among the leading brands of India and around the world for its quality work, so why not in projectors too. This Sony projector is, in fact, one of the best projectors in India as per the reviews, which offer you a high resolution and high-end experience. Its features like the one mentioned below are really noteworthy:

  • It has a very fast response time which makes your movie experience very appealing and also a best projector for home.
  • The pictures are of very high-quality with a clear detail finish so that you don’t miss anything while watching the movie.
  • From blue-ray, DVD to even 4K, it can play anything and everything, so you don’t need to fear to get a wrong source for your movie.

This is worth every penny it demands. The only bad side of the coin it carries is its price which makes it not economical for people. But if you are willing to put in a one-time quality investment trusting backing of a brand-name as famous as Sony, this is your call.



Cinema is not fun till you get to enjoy it in the dark. If these are your thoughts, then you’ve found your perfect match. This is a 4k movie projector for a home in its true sense. With its bright screen and crystal-clear movie projection and high resolution, all you need is a bowl of popcorn, and you’ll not even feel the difference between here and a theatre. It comes with benefits like:

  • It’s 2,200 lumens of brightness will make a perfect combination with the darkness of your home, making you feel as if you’re alone in the cinema and this makes it a best projector for home.
  • It’s high power 4K resolution, and HRD support will make the experience even more real.
  • You can zoom into 1.2x times to make your screen fit the size. This will also allow you to experience the picture more clearly.
  • The design of the projector is sleek and lightweight, making it a fit for anyplace you choose to keep it.

A romantic date in the dark, with just you, your loved one and a beautiful film on the big screen, just sound majestic. You need it if you’re fond of viewing movies in the dark.



For all the movie lovers who want to convert any surface of their home into a cinema whenever they desire, this is the best option. You’ll no longer need a T.V. or even a fixed screen to experience a cinema. All you will need is a wall you can see and this projector. This one is truly unique from head to toe in the following sense:

  • It’s tiny and can be easily carried along with your wherever you want to take it. You no longer need to heavy-lift to get your projector to another part of your home.
  • It’s easily connectable to your devices you want to connect it with.
  • It’s very cost effective and affordable for everyone.
  • Its 300 lumens brightness along with 720p resolution makes it very powerful for its size. When you also get 30,000 hours of LED lamp light to go along with it, you know your choice is right.

The days of bulky and fixed cinema is over. With this projector, you can start your movie session anywhere in your home. You can even use it for projects and squad games if you like.

Home cinema has a charm, completely different, yet alike with big screen cinemas. The peace and quiet surroundings you get to experience in home cinemas will not be found in the actual cinema. It allows you the bonding time you are not able to find in the real cinema. You can also use additional features in the home projector which is not possible for the big screens.

What to Consider While Buying A Projector?

  • Look for the right wall you want
  • Think of the user and the time you’ll use it
  • Source and cost of the projector

These all can really affect your final choice of the projector you buy. Just remember some of these tips when you buy your best home cinema projectors or a movie projector for home, and you’ll find your absolute match. Next time you need to impress someone, you must choose the best projector for home.

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