HDMI Cable- HQ- 25m, Braided


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Product Overview

HQ Round Cable for that super strength and Long-Distance durability.

•  This 1.4 version HQ HDMI cable help you connect HDMI devices to other devices for easy data transfer and sharing. It transfers hi-definition audio/video signals between components and supports full-HD 1080p resolution and 3D display formats. It combines both audio and video into one convenient cable.

•  This long cable gives robustness over distance. HDTVs have introduced a whole new way of arranging home theatre gear. Flat screens are increasingly thin and lightweight, and their picture-frame profiles make them perfect for hanging on walls. Similarly, HD home theatre digital projectors are now affordable enough for non-zillionaires to set up a basement cinema. A clean installation of either of these setups generally requires a bit of in-wall wiring, sometimes even from one room—an AV closet, for instance—to another. And when you’re fishing wires up into ceilings, over doors and under floors, the necessary spool of cable gets long quickly. Don’t worry, use our long-distance HDMI cables. Also connect your DVRs etc to your TV which is located at a distance without worrying about signal loss.

• Support High-Speed Data Transfer rate of 14.93 Gbps/ 340 MHz for Maximum Bandwidth and allows you to share an Internet connection among multiple devices without the need for a separate Ethernet cable

• Corrosion resistant 24k gold plated connectors provide maximum conductivity and minimizes data loss.


Product NameHDMI Cable- HQ- 25m, Braided
Length25 m
ResolutionFull HD
Compliance Resolution1920 x [email protected]
Transmission Speed14.93Gbps @ 340MHz
VideoSupport 3D & Full HD Video
ConnectorsInput: Gold Plated HDMI male (19 Pin)
Output: Gold Plated HDMI male (19 Pin)
UsageHDTV, Home theatre, DVD players, Projector PS3, Xbox, Blu-ray, Satellite Boxes and other devices



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