Protective Tube For Cable 1m-20mm


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Product Overview

  • Spiral wrapping band with perfect elasticity and strength for the protection of your TV, PC, Phone and Electrical Wiring and Cables etc.
  • A perfect partner for organizing your cables in a fun way.
  • Clipper guide – enables the cables to easily be pulled through the spiral wrapping band.
  • Keep your cables tidy, untangled and organized.
  • Helps in eliminating accidents that can be caused by loose cords.
  • Provides a neat appearance for any entertainment system or office setting.
  • Protects cables from abrasion and with easy to change mechanism for breakouts of single or multiple cables for replacement.


SKU CodeER1752W
Product NameProtective Tube/ Cable Manager
1m-20mm with Clipper Guide
Product Dimension1 m length
20 mm Diameter
Item Weight90 gms.
Warranty*1 year



How to use EiRA Protective Tube/Cable Manager 1m – 20mm

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