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Product Overview


EiRA TC1360 thin client is a small cloud terminal equipment. It uses a high-performance ARM Cortex A53 quad-core 2.0GHz processor and runs the shared technology independently developed by Linux operating system.

Main features:

  • High performance, full HD (1920*1080) resolution
  • Small, Space-saving
  • Energy-saving, low power consumption
  • Fan-less design, 24-hour zero noise
  • Reliable and safe operation, maintenance-free in the late
  • Multiple optimized desktop protocols (RDP, and Citrix, and Vmware)
  • Smooth HD video playback experience
  • Redirect supports HD video files player
  • Support system software online upgrade
  • Support USB redirection

Special Features:

  • VDClass: VDClass is an easy and simple e-class software, which could broadcast the teacher’s desktop to all the thin clients in LAN
  • J-Player: 1080P video redirection, hardware decoding video player, compatible with RDP VDI and SBC for better quality smooth video
  • Free Management Software: TCM (Thin Client Management System) is a free software to manage all the zero clients released by EiRA TEK. It delivers many features to control the devices over the network.
  • Printer Support: Printer is supported on thin client*


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Comparison Between TC1360 & TC1340H


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