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This USB external floppy disk drive is an Ultra Slim external portable floppy disk Drive. Once it is connected to notebooks or PCs, you can view all of information on your floppy disks right now. This super-slim, lightweight and attractive USB Diskette Drive takes its power requirements from the USB port. No external power adapter required makes this diskette drive fully mobile. It’s really the best choices for your floppy disks.


  • USB Interface.
  • 5-inch 720 KB/1.44 MB FDD.
  • Super Slim and light weight.
  • Available USB Bus supply current: 500 mA or less.
  • Data capacity: 720 KB/1.44 MB (Formatted)
  • USB DATA Transfer Rate: Full speed/12 Mbps.
  • Data Transfer Rate: 250 Lbits (720 KB)/500 Kbits (1.44 MB).
  • Number of Cylinders: 80
  • Rotation speed: 300 rpm,360 rpm recording method: FM
  • Media: High Density (2HD) OR Normal Density (2DD)
  • Average Latency Time:100 MSEC (1.44 MB mode) 83.3 MSEC (720 KB mode)
  • Operating systems supported: For Windows 2000/XP/Vista/7/8/10 and for Mac



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