VGA Cable 1.5m (Premium Flat Wire)

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Product Overview

  • High resolution SVGA video cable is used to connect a SVGA card or monitor to each other or to a data switch.
  • Both ends are a high-density 3-row male 15-pin D-sub nickel-plated connector with thumbscrew providing a high quality secure VGA connection.
  • Bare copper 28-guage 3+6 conductor wire (no copper clad steel) to enhance the signal integrity and filtering out noise.
  • Triple shielding helps to prevent radio frequency and electro-magnetic interference (EMI/RFI).
  • Outer PVC Layer increases durability and protects interference from other electronic signals, keeping picture clear and stable without any distortion.
  • This male VGA to male VGA cable connects PC or laptop to the projector, LCD monitor, and other video display systems through VGA connections.
  • This Ultra-Thin Flat SVGA cable is super flexible when run under the carpet or bent in the plane of its thin cross-section such as doors, rotating arms, drawers etc.
  • Ideal for Laptop, Computer, HDTV, Projector, Player, Monitor.


Product Name VGA Cable 1.5 M
Colour Black
Length1.5 m
ConnectivityVGA male to VGA male
TypeVGA male
Resolution1920 x 1200
Connector Type
Male 14-pin D-sub nickel-plated connector
Jacket Material
CompatibilityLaptop, Computer, HDTV, Projector, Player, Monitor
Weight146 gms
Warranty*1 year



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