Coaxial Cable Alpha 3+1, 90 M

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Product Overview

  • CCTV Coaxial Cable are used in CCTV Security for audio, video & power & transmission.
  • 90 m/98.5 yards audio video and power all in one cables.
  • Transmit audio video signals and supply DC power for security camera.
  • Low cost miniature cable.
  • The pre-terminated cable is perfect for transmitting audio video signals and supplies DC power for security cameras.
  • Use with Closed Circuit Television (CCTV) applications and security camera components.


  • CCTV Cables used for CATV networks are designed for optimum performance.
  • The cables offer higher bandwidth.
  • These cables are uniquely designed for specialized applications.
  • PVC Insulated and sheathed tinned copper braided video core CCTV Cables.
  • CCTV Cables are designed to optimize the quality of video signals, which are transmitted through the braided video core.
  • Clear picture over complete low frequency bandwidth of transmitting in such applications.
  • The high Impedance of video core ensures adequate signal strength, no reflection and best picture quality cooper material cable.




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