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The MacBook, MacBook Pro, MacBook Air, Ultrabook™ or any Microsoft® Surface™ Pro devices equipped with mDP Port that allows you to connect an external display or projector using this converter. You can use an external display as your main workspace or extend your desktop, or you can work in mirrored mode with a projector so you can view what your audience sees. Use the Mini DisplayPort to VGA converter to connect an advanced digital monitor and LCD TV, such as 46-or 52-inch LCD TV, that includes a VGA connector.


  • Easy Connections: Hassle-free connectivity with plug-and-play mDP to VGA video converter. It is compatible with mDP port as well as Thunderbolt 1 and Thunderbolt 2 ports. DisplayPort 1.1a standard mini DisplayPort.
  • Supports DTS/DTS-HD, Dolby Digital/Dolly TrueHD, and Linear PCM (LPCM).
  • Crystal-clear picture quality: With support for video resolutions up to 1920×1200 or 1080p, you’ll be surprised at the picture quality the converter provides, even when connected to a legacy VGA monitor, projector or television. The converter harnesses the video capabilities built into your mDP connection to deliver every detail in stunning high definition.
  • Works with legacy VGA monitors: The Mini DisplayPort converter makes your mDP computer fully compatible with existing VGA monitors or projectors in your home or around your office. The VGA connector features nuts that mate with the screws on standard VGA cables, to ensure your video cable won’t get disconnected
  • Designed for maximum portability: The Mini DisplayPort to VGA converter maximizes portability with a compact, lightweight design, making it the perfect travel accessory to carry with the laptop, fitting easily into your laptop bag or carrying case to make a business presentation or extend your workspace to increase productivity.
  • Compatibility: Supports *MacBook 13-inch (MC516LLA) *MacBook Pro 13-inch (MC374LL/A, MC375LL/A) *MacBook Pro 15-inch (MC371LL/A, MC372LL/A, MC373LL/A) *MacBook Pro 17-inch (MC024LL/A) *iMAC 21.5-inch (MB950LL, MC413LL/A) *iMAC 27-inch (MB952LL/A, MB953LL/A, MB953LL/A) *MacMini (Server) (MC270LL/A, MC438LL/A) and others.
  • Input: Mini DP (M) Output: VGA (F)


  • Keep the converter with you while you’re travelling, to connect to VGA displays at trade shows or in hotel rooms
  • Connect your BOYD (Bring Your Own Device) laptop to a VGA office hot desk or boardroom projector
  • Use your VGA monitor as a secondary display

Note: Mini DisplayPort to HDMI is NOT bi-directional. It only connects to a display with HDMI.


SKU CodeER2708
Resolution1920x1200 or 1080p
Input Mini DP(M)
Output VGA (1 x 15pin female)
Dimension17.5 x 9 x 2.5
Weight56 gms
Warranty*1 year


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