PCI-E Extender Riser Card x1 to x16 USB 3.0 (6-pin)


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Product Overview

  • Using SATA 15-pin Male to Molex 6-pin/ DC 12V interface adapter strengthens the power supply and release the motherboard from graphics card power supply thus reducing the burden of the motherboard while mining. It provides extra power supply for PCIe video card.
  • It can be used on motherboards which have multiple cards being run simultaneously making the mining machines free from each other.
  • Works great for Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin and other cryptocurrency mining, run multiple video, GPU cards for better clearance and cooling.
  • One end is PCI-E 16x female and another end is PCI-E 1x male.
  • The adapter with 4 holes available on PCI-E 16X side to fix PCI-E 16X connector on motherboard for more convenient management for the graphics card.
  • With 3xFP solid capacitors, making graphic power and supply more stable and secure.
  • Using 60 cm USB 3.0 cable as an extended cable which is long enough for mining machine giving more convenience, durability, freedom and faster data transfer for graphic card.
  • No driver needed.


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