PCI-E Riser Card (PCI-E x1 To PCI Slot)


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Product Overview

  • This riser card enables you to connect 1 PCI 32-bit 5 V card to the PCIe x1 slot on your motherboard.
  • 1 x PCI Express port (1 virtual channel) 2.5 Gbps per direction.
  • Support PCI 32- bit 33 MHz bus slot.
  • High-speed FFC cable is flexible for space-saving installation in your 1U, 2U and 3U chassis.
  • Combination PCI 32-bit host card.
  • Support the PCI slot of 3.3 V / 1 mA, 3.3 Vaux / 100 mA, 5 V / 12 V / 5 mA and 500 mA
  • Scope of application: Gold-tax card, Tax-controlled card, Sound card, Network card, Fax card, Video capture card and Parallel card, Industrial boards cad etc.


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